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yes liyahetman:

Very rare - black orchid or Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight.

"I’m getting sick of being a ghost no one can hurt me but no one will kiss me either”

I had my boyfriend who smokes use matches for a few days instead of a lighter and record the date and time and whatever he was thinking about while smoking. 
It’s funny that he quit smoking a few weeks after this project. 

Simon Dybbroe Møller 
The Catch, 2011 ahmoses:

Cai Guo-Qiang “Falling Back to Earth” anoncentral:

No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger: Wise words of the former world-famous professional boxer Muhammad Ali. In an era defined by endless war—when he was drafted and was told that he must fight the communists—his reply was, “No Vietnamese ever called me a nigger”. Consequently, Ali was stripped of his title, expelled from boxing and sentenced to five years in prison. 

Tarp (Through Fence), 2014

Sam Weir collage